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At NMBK Engineers we excel in intricate CNC precision machining using all types of materials. Our state-of-the-art CNC milling, turning and EDM technologies allowing us to produce custom intricate precision components with tight tolerances, uniform concentric designs, and fine finishes. Experience the true craftsmanship and turn your concepts into a reality.

As a versatile precision machining company, we are determined to find an efficient solution to your problem. Whether your manufacturing requirements range from individual components to large-scale intricate design, NMBK Engineers is the complete manufacturing solution for your unique needs. With our ability to ship anywhere at any time.


To be a customer centric company that provides best of breeds products and solutions through emerging technologies.


NMBK Engineers have been manufacturing precision products in our state of art CNC machining Facility. Being a reputable design and engineering company in INDIA, our objective is to deliver innovative precision products and services to a wide range of industries.

Deliver high returns to our customer investments by providing business enabling Solutions & Technologies and maintain the regional leader status in the high precision component machining.


  • * KAPL CNC Wirecut, China.
  • * Delcam Up to 5 Axis &AUTO Desk Power Mill
Our main focus in the business area:
  • * Precision 2D , 3D up to 5th axis machining.
  • * Aerospace & Auto mobile Components.
  • * Specialist in Cam & Impellers
  • * For us, the key to the growing business is real value creation, which
  • * Naturally leads to tremendous savings in the entire value chain. Customers
  • * Knew that they could rely on NMBK Engineers to deliver the goods.

Precision machining refers to the process of cutting various metal components to exact specification. The process usually involves removing the excess from a material reshaping the same to a level of high tolerance.

Precision machining is an essential manufacturing process so far as the process to achieve high surface integrity and dimensional accuracy of functional components is concerned.Precision machining tools are applied in a number of industrial applications. Almost every industry needs to process the raw material and make it more applicable to a given need.

In order to achieve a stable operation of precision machining, it is important to have a deep understanding of the controls and setting of machining environment, effectiveness of cutting tools, and mechanism of material removal systems. Following are 5 of the advantages of precision machining:

  • 1. Operational efficiency
  • 2. Improved speed
  • 3. Reduced risk factor
  • 4. Low production costs
  • 5. Fast production